The basic rules of posting bathrooms and wet rooms equipment

The basic rules of posting bathrooms and wet rooms equipment
In a typical skyscraper placement of the building sewer in the bathroom, which was held in accordance with the drawing surface, and, in particular, depends the location of sewer pipes and pipes for hot and cold water.
Every move of sanitary-technical equipment, even in the bathroom permission is required for reconstruction.
Freedom in relation to the installation of devices, sanitary — one of the advantages of the country in the house compared to an apartment. We host country cottage can change the number of toilets to choose from, where will be placed and the amount of sanitary.

Equipment, is expanding. Typically, the architect initially plumber Des Moines.
The task to develop the required number of toilets. If you need move sewage from the wall to the center of the room and the desire to increase our plumber will do after a call plumber Des Moines iowa the number of bathrooms and toilets that can be fixed by our master and emerged after the house became alive in this case, the task is possible. Disposition of houses and cottages often involves several floors.
In this case, the main bathroom, as a rule, sauna or swimming pool,  in the basement and a few (mostly on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms) maybe on the second and on the third floor, and even in the attic. This distribution,
of course, promotes maximum comfort living in the house, but at the same time, you need to meet special technical requirements.

Equipment additional bathrooms and fittings requires transfer Mounting the unit, considering the distance, to ensure the heat elements from sewage vertical spider and under optimal tilt tube
for removal and installation height of the cross on the platform.

Often the release of a new water supply network solved the entry place
the outflow in the next riser locking plastic resistant to heat
a corresponding inclination.
Sewerage binding of a centrifugal pump equipped, give
The possibility of removal in a centralized hydraulic vertical level 15-100 m and raise up to 3-7 m, which is important for two  and three  residences. Small diameter.
Sewer pipes allows them to go under the motherboard or grounds without violating.

The interior rooms.
Install toilets, wash basins, sinks everywhere sanitary
System installation special assistance. They can be used without town Des Moines.
Install plumbing in 6 apartments and houses easy to install controls and change their location in and it is necessary.
The additional condition that the placement of sewage in the rooms, which initially.

You do not plan to install shower, bath, sink, TOILET and bidet, there is a presence
works fine ventilation, in which the relative humidity air bathroom-below 70%.
Standard ventilation system of currency, which is usually installed on.
All construction work in residential areas, often restrict the natural.
In this case, the exhaust air is the lens through the common vertical vent channel.
Study of the efficiency of natural ventilation is simple: you need to make a sheet
Paper for the ventilation window, and if the sheet is held on it, it means that everything is in order,
if you fall, ventilation clogged.
It should also be borne in mind that after you install the door in the bathroom between
The floor and the door leaf must provide a minimum distance of 15-20 mm In the absence of
clearance for air flow, especially if there are gaps between the door and the door frame, you need to cut a hole in the bottom of the door and close from both sides.

The grille. decorative

The advantages of systems of natural ventilation is the low cost, simplicity
installation and reliability, due to the absence of electric and characterization
part. But its effectiveness largely depends on external factors is the temperature difference, pressure changes depending on the height, direction and wind speed, and so on .. In this case, the residents of the houses saves
The presence of Windows in every room, including the bathrooms. But this is often not enough,
therefore, more effective ways of dealing with high humidity in the bathroom — with the help of dehumidifiers, as well as by applying force ventilation.

Sanitary ware from the «hydro» — and now it’s swimming;

  • shower panels and cabinets that will work, if the pressure in the pipes
  • water does not fall below three atmospheres.

If this pressure is somehow not supported, the need
Installation of additional equipment to provide the necessary pressure
Thus, thanks to a number of innovative solutions, plumbing comfortable.
The house can be installed in any location — from the basement. Moreover, all of the same advanced.
Installation of the system does not allow you to build it in one row along the wall, and place this is necessary for development.
In addition, the best instances sanitary to leave everything to the borders bathroom happening in the bedroom, on the terrace, or even in the living room. Leading european  brands have long been the tendency of the hydraulic system is not intended for its traditional areas and to develop all the equipment for collection, which can be installed in any room.

The basic rules of placement 7
Typically, the number of required toilets provided on the basis of:
• plan your entire house;
• number of floors;
• Toiletries relationship;
• the number of hotel rooms;
• the number of people living in the house, as well as their lifestyle and preferences.
The term «TOILET» means the head number, in which at least.
TOILET and sink. In some cases, if space permits, standard there is a set duration and myself bidet. The bathroom should be at least.

Bath (Jacuzzi) and shower.
There is also the so-called «TOILET» — the room in which
— plumbing for bathrooms and bathroom. Combined bathroom designed
On the one hand, to save space, and on the other side for convenience
the tenants.
The minimum size of the bathroom and toilet in the standards:
• TOILET (bathroom with bathtub, washbasin, TOILET, place
for washing machine) — 3.8 m2;
• bathroom (bath, washbasin, washing machine) —
3.3 m2;
• bathroom (WC, equipped with TOILET and shower) — 1.5 m2;
• * WC (water closet with toilet and sink, no) — 1.2 m2.
Fig. 1. Location bath, washbasin, WC in combination tub

8 Installing plumbing in the apartment and house.

Typically, bathrooms (bathroom) located in plumbing the centre of the room. Therefore, if on-site.
Permission for the construction of housing, can be set for each bedroom (independently because this room or captain) one bathroom.
In order to improve the design of basic services in one standard bathroom on each floor, including the basement and cellar.
TOILET or bathroom can be shared for two rooms (for example, if the house project requires two separate bedrooms for children between
Rooms can easily put one shared toilet).
If the house is home to one or two people, as a rule, one project is associated
The bathroom is off the bedroom.
If space allows isolated region, even a small bathroom can be installing easy Plumbing services prices you will sleed and we work all we need is the access in the corridor, hallway or the lobby.
For a family of three or more people is better for the project, one bathroom is in bedrooms and two bathrooms — Guest and master.sink
If the house is two-storied, it is better to schedule two bathrooms for children and adults or other relatives.


should be located in a separate part of the house on the second floor in zone (preferably separately for each bedroom), so the bedroom was direct access to the bathroom (no crossing corridors). If you are person friendly and cares for the convenience of its guests, it is necessary provides for the organization of special toilets for guests and a private bathroom.

For example, if the design of the three-storey house (ground, first and second
floor), consisting of four rooms and commercial premises, for a family of four
The man (father, mother, two children), a bathroom can be formulated as follows:
• one bathroom on each floor, plus one shared bathroom privately
Area teacher;
• one bathroom for guests on each floor, and toilets for each bedrooms, plus Landlady bathrooms on each floor, plus the captain bathroom
In different variations (with Jacuzzi, for example).
It should be noted that from heating an aesthetic point of view it is possible, but not desirable, decorate a bathroom next to the kitchen or dining room. You cannot organize bathroom and bathroom, lounge and kitchen.
It is desirable that all toilets and bathrooms are located one above the other, — for convenience and cheaper supply of communication (sewer, water, ventilation).

When planning the placement of pipelines should be borne in mind that must be met
The minimum distance between the device and the walls of the room.
Free space in front of a bathtub or shower), must be not less than 70 cm (after treatment to be comfortable to go out and use towels), the optimal distance is 105 see.
The basic rules of placement 9

  1. Fig. 2. Location corner bath or shower
  2. Fig. 3. The location of the TOILET

Sheets and towels on the distance
50-70 cm with bath or shower, for them it was easy to do.
Free space in front of toilet and bidet shall not be less than 60 cm, on both sides of the longitudinal axis of the shell free — at least 40 cm.

Pipe for rinsing to wash pissuarnogo such, should contact hole
wall at an angle of 45 ° down.
It is recommended to place the sink at a height of not less than 80 cm from the floor.
Between the wall and the sink should be at least 20 cm from it bidet toilet or 25 cm 10 installation of the plumbing in the apartment we will do itplumbing repair Des Moines and all in the house.

Fig. 4. The location of the sink
Before the wash basin must be at least 70 cm of free space, and, if located on the changes, at least 95 see.
The distance between two sinks axis remotes must be at least 90 cm (models with double width of more than 1.2 m uncomfortable with the simultaneous use).
Between the sink should be at least 25 cm (range
You can set the towel).
If you have our plumber.