Siphons for sinks

Siphons for sinks, wash basins and baths can be equipped with additional.
Output for connecting pipes and connections over flow points for washingand dishwasher.
There is also a special design siphons for baths, bath tubs, where the filling through Bank transfer.
Semi-automatic siphon allows water from the bath, turning the lever the overflow. Such devices are called float mechanism. Can be the definition not only of the bath, drain, and sink, with drainage connected.
In this case, connected relationships bath drain has a rigid structure:
two rigid plastic pipes are attached at right angles to each other.
The device performance overflow to put a panel of stars, which
screwed to the pipe hard bushing spindle overflow. Best thread
Overflow cover. Tube, flexible cable moves freely the rigid construction of the lower pipe. Rotational movement of the left. Cover arrow overflow transferred spindle, which, in turn, pulls the cable
and swim in the tube. Thus, the drain hole work for plumber swimming hole and water is diverted into the sewer.
Regardless of the way in which you installed bathing iron.
In any case, the release of the siphon must be placed above the channel
the pipe, which is connected with the drainage of water from the bath. In principle, the connection
pull the drain made of plastic, corrugated cardboard, which is installed during operation of the special
rubber gasket. More reliable but more time consuming way to link drain pipe sewer is
by means of a rigid connection. This the connection is made from plastic. Sewer pipes and elbows 90 and 45 degrees. Check compounds, if you reduced water then plumbing repair Des Moines you will need.
Install the feet occurs in the same position. The bath is mounted on the side. Insert legs, the mounting and the metal wedge. The first reliable set two supports. Wedges are forged within a few stages, with a slight periodically knocking

  • in all three directions of polarity, edge
  • from bath city centre. Support that capture
  • the screws clutch installed without touching.
  • if the wedge or under the seat
  • legs have drawbacks that prevent it tightly,
  • you can easily delete them

Tighten the bolts or wedges can score only until it stops a mounting bracket that eliminates the gap, but also do not need to overdo it — otherwise, you can with plumber do it right in other cause disruption of the thread or to compromise the integrity of the legs and chairs. Before you secure better support pre-installed on each of the supports
the fixture is fastened by a nut retainer. Different kinds of baths nuts the adjusting screw must always be placed below the support.
Lower the bottom of the bath raised to a position slightly above.
Bath pics on one page, while installed on the legs. On the opposite.
Boards should establish a reliable backups, the length of which 60-70 cm Install the rest of the support, remove the temporary support. Can be made the alignment.
Adjustment of the bath using the normal level or laser. Exhibition the level of the bath by means of legs is very simple each. Complex installation cast bath iron with fixed legs rigidly mounted in the lower part. There are several ways to set — trim the legs, and then pre- grind them to the desired length or by entering them under the metal plates.
Sheet under your feet you need to put in the bathroom to put not filler or tiles and weak rules, such as, for example, wood the upper floor. In any situation, the diameter of the insertion metal (iron instead of aluminum) must be at least 10 cm, thickness 5 mm During clearing, cast iron baths pads with metal tubs appeared, on the one hand, and management.

Siphon for bathtub

Installation plumbing.
The float mechanism. Team drain for tubs the metal plate. Closer oven floor to put more order.
After detecting that the level of the bath can safely move to the wall so feet to the left pane.
Of course, podkladyvanie much easier pcises for plumbing drive, need help? Cheack our plumbing services prices need more inforation just call us but it is safer to cut, Yes while the platform does not violate cleansing the bathroom. When cutting the legs under the bottom of the tub, you need to put up a brick or piece of wood so that the tub is enough to lift and was easy to use. The backup must be
remember that from a durable material, can withstand the weight of heavy private open cast iron.
Every time sawing the legs removed machine additional support and check the level.
At the end of the mounting bath should be almost exactly in that place, the installation, but with a space from the wall is about 1 mm During adjustment will be completed, and to move it necessary to conduct
neat knock all of its support (as a rule, only those that are closer to the end point of the movement in the right direction. If a bathtub smooth, slippery surface, you must install the ends of the supports while. The adhesive polymer is resistant to water. Wall tiles in the bathroom can be completely veneered panels (for product installation) or part (tile to place over a bathtub or above and below the transverse
adjacent to the wall). Thanks to the implementation of the first performance, with all major repairs.
Given full weight and simplifies the replacement of baths in the future.

  • gasket;
  • case in the form of a star;
  • bending elbows;
  • lock spindle;
  • cover the overflow;
  • rope;
  • pipe rigid;
  • overflow;

Installation of bath cast iron

After the second possibility, it will be easier to get eliminate leakage between the edges.
Product and walls, as well as increased stability.
In the case where the void in a bathroom is planned to close a screen, we come and help you after a call, plumbing Cedar Rapids ia the following.
The screen must be purchased in advance. During adjustment of the height of the towers, bought the screen.
Hydroprotection vulnerability against the wall is more refined, not for plumbing. When the tub is installed tightly against the wall already defined plate that may be used in systems of hydroprotection only plastic (fillet of adhesive tape or pachwinowych). When tubs installed without lining the walls and the tiles laid on the knees, instead of plastic, you can use a shaped ceramic.