Installation of iron bath

Installation of bath iron

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In the past, most commonly used for bathing iron, covered in the enamel. These baths, and is still very popular.
Cast iron bathtubs are durable, heat capacity, high strength coatings excellent stability without additional equipment.
The market is still sold enameled cast iron baths in.Have no time?  Plumbing services prices best prices.
They are pretty good, but very heavy. European cast-iron bathtub made of a thin thickness of 4.6 iron (mm) and have a more convenient form. They are easier so that it is easier for installation. American cast iron baths are a bit worse quality European, but so bad. Bath iron casting of Turkish origin made of good iron, but the quality leaves much to be enameled desirable.

Before purchasing a bath

with the surface of the enamel should be checked carefully his honesty and flatness. The enamel should not be rough and wavy, and even more, to have cracks. The color should be shiny, not matte. See color changes are not allowed. Disadvantages enamel more visible on the sewer white.
By setting any standard form of baths, first of all, you should pay attention to just the top horizontal edge of the product. Cast iron swimming, like any other plumbing, must be installed horizontally level without prejudice against the flow, because the slope of the water was already completed manufacturer in bath design. It is desirable to cast iron bath installation was conducted on the pre-smooth the floor. Bathroom floor are sent to the address cement, services plumbing repair utility or ceramic. Tile — it all depends on the irregularities of the floor and the order of the bath installation. At the age of a certain period of time to obtain the necessary strength of the flat sex.
In principle, in the bath mounted and held on four legs that iron fastened to the body by means of special fastening elements, in the bath and additional wedges associated metals.
Depending on the design of the bath, hands can be set using the clip bolts, and then the legs are height adjustable.
Cast-iron bathtub can be installed as a brick and the bottom of the bath and on the sides so call plumber.
This mounting method is very time consuming, more time consuming, as first put the brick, and then leave before the curing solution. The first step is to place the heavy open cast iron bathtub in the bathroom. If the number small and narrow doors, tub should vertically.
To avoid damage to walls, floors, and especially the door frame and threshold, it is desirable to protect dense material, which is capable of random less acute to dig. This material may be cardboard, solid matter, foam rollers
Installation of bathtubs

  • mixer;
  • the mixer tube;
  • installation;
  • nut on the support;
  • flexible hose;
  • pipe with a power source;
  • overflow node;
  • starting device.
  • is a clamping ring;
  • is a sleeve under;
  • siphon.

Seal water.
Bathing fasteners insulating material, and so forth. d. Thus, TV is entered and connection type siphon and mounting feet. In this case, plumbing Cedar Rapids ia so reed next, the lower part of the bath should be moved away from the wall about 70 cm, and the output is placed in the right direction. If swimming around the walls, valves for water siphon and pipes associated with the installation of bathtubs. Cut off the supply of hot and cold water.
Valves for water systems (1) (Fig. 7). In addition, the mixer can be built in a foot bath and a corner or side.
Connect the compression of the two flexible cables (5) within three days from the nozzle
(2) through seal (3) and lock nuts (4). You can use a short copper and pipelines made of plastic, but flexible and long, allows installation  where you want.
Install a full tub drain. All types of baths, as well as several swimming pools, sinks, bidet, have a common device for flow — flexible plastic the hose connecting the overflow to the wing.
To determine the device that is connected to the drain of the drain insert (9) into the hole emptying the bath (Fig. 7). Skip one end of the flexible hose to drzewiastego projection the installation of the relief valve. Insert the overflow in addition to bathing
iron bath
Installing sewers

  • overflow grating;
  • node overflow;
  • flexible hose;
  • drainage elements;
  • Device;

7 — projection overflow
8 — pipe;
12 — water separator (siphon)
Two ways to install combined drain.
The whole projection overflow (7). Place it on the seal (2) and tighten the upper grid (1) relief valve using two forceps. The other end of the flexible.
Connect the hose to seal in the aquatic environment (siphon) bath (12).
There are two types of installation combined drainage: flexible hose connected to the rear part of the siphon special design with special output for connection due to overflow and trap mounted on the flow
with a round rubber gasket and tighten compression top. Coupling (5-6);
b) the end of the flexible hose is inserted into the groove of the starter, which is connected in connection with nuts with the release of overflow. In this case, the drain hole the overflow hose is connected, and then siphon.
Hole to drain into the trap, both above and below must be rubber pads fitted all round, which prevent water leakage
through the siphon. To install a siphon (12) to duct (8). Siphon — hydraulic valves, preventing penetration premises
gases from the sewer network.
Siphon under a set of sanitary-technical equipment, which does not have an internal hydraulic
close — sink, sinks, washbasins, baths, showersthe palette.

Hydraulic locks

of different valve has an external and functional in particular, because differences in functions we got best services plumbing services Des Moines ia performed, and design features of the device. Dvuhoborotny siphon, used not only for wash basins and sinks, but also for yourself bidet, bath and shower pans. There are two forms dvuhoborotny knees:

  • The u-shaped with horizontal, parallel to the exit floor;

S-shaped vertical output.
At the output of the hydraulic knee lock or below, or on it, is the process in the opening closed by the plug. His presence helps cleaning the siphon and near to them, in the case of fixing the pipe. This is not a water seal on the study, whichjust unscrewed the cap at the top, on the edge of the legs of the siphon. If the ventilation openings plumber or changes to siphon not, then vertically and flying horizontally pipe apparatus for spraying through the tee set.
Valve anti-siphon. The valve must be at least 30 cm from the siphon
and slightly above connection siphon for hydraulic flow.
Device. Because of disagreements between the valve cone and the body to spend more