Installation of acrylic baths

Installation of acrylic baths should take into account the type, model, and the complexity of the required order.
Installation of equipment. Production at the plant, determined tub a certain level. Construction works, finishing works shall be carried out taking into accountthe demand for free access to hydraulic and electric. The instruments installed on the bath, and in plumbing the absence of access to the unit
nodes must be able to disassemble the tub (pushed from the wall), without destroying the material powlekającego (e.g., tiles).
Typically, the facade of the bath closes facing brick ceramic tiles. In order to provide access to hydraulic and electric device we can help, use your phone plumbing Des Moines and Sewerage System, facade baths partially closed shield plywood or particle Board, covered with ceramic tiles and attached to the wall bathroom special fixtures. It is also necessary to provide a special our plumber edging tape tile water does not leak under the bath.
For these purposes around the perimeter of the bath in contact with the wall of land situated.
Frame angle of 10-25 ° tiles.
Jacuzzi must meet several requirements: must not be a person move or search for support. He must be deep enough, but not the risk of suffocation. In this bath should be wide and long enough so you can lie comfortably or.
Buying a hot tub, you need to pay attention to the following points,
no visible damage to the bath — scratches, cracks and chips, conformism.
The size of the bathroom door vannogo room. In transit and installation of baths should be careful not to damage the installation, and electrical devices. In no case may not be transferred baths for pipelines
and nozzles. If you are installing a hot tub by plumber, please note that the holes for water inlet should be posted in places accessible for maintenance and as close as possible to for water using devices bathing. In that case, if you installed swimming along this wall, must not conflict with a dense stand of the sides of the bath for the walls. The level of the main bathing-drain layout may not be less than 10 cm
after receiving opening drains. To raise the tub.
The level set under it «podium». This is necessary to ensure that water is free of charge
dripping from the bath.
It is recommended to install filtering devices on the pipeline
for feedwater purification from mechanical impurities. Normal crane
Installation vortices

  • headrest;
  • is a douche;
  • discharge unit;
  • water supply;
  • display;
  • excess;

Cover the tank to filldisinfectant

  • holder hot / cold water;
  • device for filling;
  • from the machine;
  • guide retractable irrigation;
  • air flow

The example device, Jacuzzi.
Water can block water, ball valves, Jacuzzi for a few weeks. Before
Filters to limit the maximum pressure — reducer, which to help you avoid fracture when pressure drops.
Before connecting the nodes and edges connecting part of the tub must be removed, and then apply the sealant. For this purpose use can only be sanitary «And» neutral «sealant to avoid mold. During the day
after installation are not included in a water bath is necessary for complete drying the sealant. Bathing should always be planted on the frame. Most stable frame — metal. Another important factor is the number of poles. For rectangular baths should not be less than six, and for angle — eight or more.
Installation of the bath at the level of the horizontal plane is controlled by the.
The height of the supports.
After installation it is necessary to check whether fully drained water supply systems. Some models have a tank for liquid disinfectant, dear baths special pumps, drainage, which does not allow
stagnation of water. Especially when you need help in lumbing Plumbing services prices is not necessary but we will be glad to serv you. To wash Jacuzzi — just pour it in a special the cleaning solution and place the tub from the automatic cleaning mode.


One type of hot tubs and pool with mini, which has all modern features, Jacuzzi and even much better, it.
Pools can accommodate 4 to 10 people, and this is repeated for each anatomical the structure of the human body that allows you to stay in it for a long time. Spa there are all kinds of body massage: massage, air massage, Jacuzzi cervical, hydro-back, lumbar spine hydro, hydro-shin ft. In these basins is used for 100 or more nozzles, which create the strong effect of the massage. Often mini-pools are equipped with TV, radio, a table for drinks and other functions.
bath install repair
Unfortunately, in most cases it is not possible to install a mini-pool the apartment in the city, so it is mainly used in suburban homes. There mini pools for use inside and outside.
Swimming pools — a bathroom with shower, superior product, which is filled a lot of water, and has two or more engines, hydraulic to shut down the injectors. Therefore, Assembly and installation must be made highly qualified specialists.

Installation of bathtubs

Bat is one of the most important elements in the house. Bath, and sanitation.
The item already for thousands of years. Throughout its history.
Baths of iron, bronze, precious metals, porcelain, stone, valuable wood, glass and plastic.
Form of exposure.
Standard rectangular. The dimensions of the rectangular baths: 1.5 to 1.8 m in length
width of 0.7-0.8 m.
The angle, which always has shelves for cosmetics.
A round. This is the most impractical shape of the tub, because it takes a lot of. But while this is the most complex form. Bath, in particular, should be comfortable in shape and size, environmentally
safe, resistant to mechanical damage and sustainable in Cedar Rapid we can do your work
plumbing repair Cedar Rapids ia
, balanced water.
Because it is necessary for the system to match the system bath installation running water, before installing the bath should consult with a specialist.
When the siphon (drain) not included, sold siphon for bathtub, at the same time, the project was delivered. The package should contain the all plumbers in they way to install bath corresponding connecting elements (laces with the overflow — drain). Connection to the sewer shall be made through