Bath installing

Bath install
Hot tub (Jacuzzi) bath equipped with a Jacuzzi.
Hydro sewer installation is mixing air into the water stream, in connection with the turbulentny thread with a huge amount of air the bubbles. In fact, these bubbles of air mixed with the water particles, explosion in the body, creating the effect of massage and peeling. The main goal of such baths onduct wellness.
In the system, Jacuzzi, whirlpool, built, forming a water and air the jet. The system includes a pump, a feed water jets. Using a centrifugal pump the water is pumped by ours plumbers means of jets of water at the entrance
the circuit wires and pipes installed on the outer side of the baths, which leads nozzles of the jets under pressure. The nozzles are when you dont know what to do. Our plumber do best plumbing Des Moines wa arranged so that the output this water is mixed with air, and the reinforced air the jet. The number of nozzles is from 6 to 18 pieces. The nozzles are in the tub so that the water flow is directed in the neck, back, waist, thighs, calves and feet.
One nozzle 800 produces bubbles per second. Air flow into the nozzle adjustable. Nozzles of different types: they differ from each other by size and the diameter of the nozzle  in the flow direction. In most models, Jacuzzi. The bath provides manual adjustment of the direction of the light flux. Because the length of the nozzle. The feed nozzle can reach 5 meters, Jacuzzi nozzles installed only on the side walls of the tub. In principle, the nozzles are made of plastic. Plastic is much more practical:
cheaper nieprzewodzące and will not rust in water. In addition, made of plastic with a special coating that looks like metal.
bath instaling
In some baths, built aerokompressor which provides mode Turbo.
The delivery of more air and increase the flow. Massage function performed
with the help of special aeroforsunki is located in the lower part of the tub. Massage function
tones muscles.
There is a Jacuzzi therapy (light therapy), with the possibility our plumber aromote-
therapy, ozone therapy (special devices allow the flow of ozone into the water stream,
which has analgesic effect in diseases and injuries of the back). In some the system is distributed lighting Jacuzzi, so bathing in the tub with bubbles  will even nicer.
All of these options using the buttons, valves, regulators. Implemented to implement pneumatic, that they were safe.

Installation vortices

  • Installing plumbing in the apartment and house
  • Injector
  • Whirlpool
  • Exhibition
  • Pump
  • Compressor

Items whirlpool systems.
Jacuzzi in the form: angular, rectangular, oval, asymmetric round.
Depending on configuration, may be present in the bath, whirlpool for different types of massage: massage, massage, air massage acupuncture,massage wave, pulse massage.
The number of nozzles used in the hot tub and their location carefully selected for each model tubs for therapeutic and relaxing, the effect of RATE need price for this work? Check it out Plumbing services prices was maximum.
In commercially available single, double and quadruple rooms bath with Jacuzzi.
The sizes range from small baths (120×80 cm) more than two meters. Whirlpool tub can be equipped in town Des Moines with a blender ceramic, head restraints, shower watering from a hose and drain and Bank transfer. System odpływowo-overflow as a rule, is profiled.
bath "legs"
The drain valve is a reed that opens the overflow.
Typically, this pen on the overflow.
If water gets to the level of the overflow, then begin to pour into the hole is located
as part of this holder. In the Jacuzzi, accumulators, valves, installed on the bath, in contrast to the usual bathrooms, where the valves can be installed in the tub and on the wall.

  1. for massage function e
  2. Control system nozzle
  3. Whirlpool
  4. Basically, Jacuzzi, marble or acrylic.

Installing a hot tub, must comply with the requirements of the contract bathroom and design of the house as a whole. All these points we are also in the initial stages of design. If you are installing on a hot
existing in the bath, it is necessary to complete the installation given the existing conditions, a country house or apartment.
The size of the bathroom should be able to set the desired size of the bath, without entering discomfort when moving. Large baths, designed for a few people, respectively the area should be larger.
Oval bath with whirlpool is better to put the tub wall, in a corner, representing a quarter of a wheel in a corner, and round bathtub in the center of the room. In This phone need plumber to leave space for free movement and the need to comply with the rules of the location of other objects. If the house is already built, or
purchase and bathroom in it a small area, there are two possibilities: you can install rectangular tub with jets along the wall or to increase the size of changing the layout of the room. To increase the number must be obtained.
The decision of BTI on the transfer of the walls.
Having the structure of the house should be designed for installation baths. Average
pressure Jacuzzi bookmark: 225 kg per i thousand meters. If plan to install a bathtub in the not yet built the house, the designer must to ensure adequate bearing capacity of the structure. If the house already
was built, and then call the experts who will analyze the technical develops and publication of recommendations to increase their carrying  capacity.
If the room in which you intend to install the tub, which is not operated for such purposes, to take care of it from water and ventilation. The ceiling in the bathroom, and above must be carefully hydro and paroizolirovany.


is a very complex device and the device in General. Therefore, their installation should produce professional the specialists.
Installing a warm bath, in addition to commissioning, must contain
in complex devices connect to the network via a separate household line to ground and disconnect device for more ouzo. All bath of the compounds  of the energy should be properly insulated and placed
waterproof box.
The placement of the electric buy your self? Why just call our master plumbing services des moines ia power cable as close as possible to the desired locations.
The layout is installed on devices running Ulyanovka supply (pump, compressor control means).
If you are installing a Jacuzzi to make sure that the connector is fully equipped
switch leakage current. Connector type recommended an go.