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Service Additional Information Сounting unit Price in $
Arrival master 30
Fool Check plumbing 80
Purchase of materials for repair 40
Replacement faucet faucet starts at 130
Repair faucet faucet starts at 100
Drilling holes in the sink under the faucet faucet starts at 150
Drilling holes in the tile under the faucet faucet starts at 170
Cut holes for sink sink 80
Dismantling eccentrics set 80
Dismantling faucet faucet 50
Installing toilets toilet starts at 150
Install toilet tank tub starts at 80
Dismantling toilet toilet 70
Dismantling compact compact 50
Repair toilet tank drain system tub starts at 80
Install sink sink starts at 120
Dismantling sink sink starts at 140
Dismantling shower box starts at 250
Dismantling / installation of corrugated gofra starts at 200
Dismantling bath not precipitated bathtub starts at 80
lined bathroom bathtub starts at 120
cast iron bathtub bathtub starts at 200
Installation of siphon washbasin siphon 110
plastic siphon siphon 130
iron siphon siphon 180
walled tub siphon 160
Eliminating clogged in pipes 250
Cleaning the toilet sewer standpipe 3 m cleaning starts at 300
Cleaning the sewer riser up to 15 meters cleaning starts at 60
More than 15 m m 45
Cleaning the sewage, the private sector to 15 m cleaning starts at 300
Cleaning the sewage, basement More than 15 m m starts at 500
Replacement of sewer riser plastic sewer riser buttress
iron on plastic risers buttress
Installation of domestic sewage point starts at 500
Installation of domestic sewage, trail tube length 2 m m starts at 500
tube length greater than 2 m, Ø 50 m starts at 800
tube length greater than 2 m, Ø 110 m starts at 1000
Shtrobinnya walls,
installation of sewer pipes Ø 50 «
red brick 150
white brick 170
panel 300
Shtrobinnya walls, installation of sewer pipes Ø 110 red brick 220
white brick 280
panel 350
Cementing the hole in the plate after replacing the sewer riser 85
Dismantling sewer pipes plastic drain tube 40
cast iron drainage 80
walled drainage 120
Installation of water meters work package counter 150
Assembly / disassembly water meter for checking 100
Installing a hard water filter without threading 150
with threading 250
Install fine filter water starts at 120
Replacement filter element element starts at 80
Repair radiators starts at 150
Replacement radiators starts at 120
Welding joint starts at 100
Replacement radiators, carrying pipes, installing cranes radiator starts at 180
Installation of radiators work package radiator starts at 250
Installation of radiators easy replacement starts at 100
Dismantling iron batteries starts at 150
Removing the caps and fill with water heating system starts at 300
Deaerating heating riser starts at 300
Eliminating leaks in pipes starts at 250
Insertion in a tube starts at 150
Replacement of damaged pipes starts at 200
Soldering pipes starts at 150
Heating systems замовлення starts at 2000
Installation of heating система starts at 2000
Installation of boilers boiler starts at 220
Dismantling boilers boiler 120
Clean the tank boiler 80