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POS MN COINS where is money?

POS MN COINS where is money? service
I got into the crypto world 4 years ago, what to say? That it was successful it’s like say nothing, i converted all my money to 0 in 200 days. And was like O_o.

It was in my first year in crypto, the next year was already -80%, which was a small victory.
The third year was + 7% and then i start to ear at leas few %.
I worked with coins precisely POW.
This year I try a new type of coin – a POS and Masternode coins.
What can I say at first View – 80% of the young coins =garbage=. If the coin has survived for 1 year then it can be studied as at least.

Why do SPP POOL help me?
In my first yeas with POS MN Coin i dont know how it works…

So if you buy fool mn and lose – you lose fool mn money. But in SPP pool you can buy a part of mn , and do your test , how work this coins, or few coins for a pos.

According to my experience, SPP POOL saving my money when i studying.
What i try as MN coins in SPP – 4 coins now dead.(about 150 days) – so you lose your money – as I) In first MN coin i lost more then others.
2 MN – pos coins that i think OK – DEV – BITG

Thank you to the admins and helpers of this service. When i dont know – I ask, ask a lot).

If you have less than 2 years of experience in the crypto world, start investing in the smallest particle and gain experience, and bools – bools also need to time to grow.

In my opinion, the future is already behind in coins POS adn MN (masternode). POW use of a bunch of energy resources, I do not consider it necessary and an artificial pomp on demand from the manufacturers of this equipment.

Everything will be PoC and MN !
Thank you!
(all 2018 super fee check info in discord

What you like more masternode coins or pos coins? Or take a part in big one shared mn coins?
And one more – buy when cheap!

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